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Whether your goal is to learn the basics of project management, become certified in project management, or learn project management software, the best way to gain the required skills and knowledge is to enroll in Project Management courses at IDT. Click Here to do a FAST search.

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Project managers face constant pressure to cut costs, implement projects quickly, and deliver high quality. Without thoughtful planning, execution and monitoring of efforts, organizations will lose business to those that effectively manage their projects.

Project management is critical to the success of every organization. Industry research indicates that 74% of all projects hit roadblocks, are over budget or are late. And 28% of these projects fail altogether. The surest way to increase any project's likelihood of success is to properly manage it. Such management is a valuable learned skill.

Since no job is complete without the tools, we also offer training on the proper use of Microsoft Project. Skilled, expert project managers are always in high demand. Prepare yourself