EC-Council - IT Security Professional Certifications

Information security awareness and cybersecurity training and certification can significantly reduce not only the odds of your business experiencing a serious information security breach, but can also help minimize negative impact should a breach occur. As a security professional with EC-council IT training you can protect the information that is you companies life blood.

Information is an essential resource for the growth and success of every business. In today's information-driven economy, keeping your company's vital data secure is the responsibility of every employee . From guarding against Social Engineering Attacks to creating an effective Incident Response Plan, everyone has to take part in keeping your information secure. A recent study by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) cited human error as the most common cause of information security breaches, with some 80 percent of respondents believing this human error was caused by a lack of security knowledge, training, or failure to follow security procedures.

EC-Council CEH, Disaster, Forensic and Pen Tester Training provide participants with the necessary skills to identify security issues and apply standards to help solve these security situations. With courses such as: Ethical Hacking: Certified Ethical Hacker v8, Certified Security Analyst/Licensed Pen Tester,  Computer Forensics: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator v8 and many more, students are able to bring this knowledge to their organizations and protect their infrastructure.

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