CompTIA Certifications 

CompTIA certification courses teach students practical skills in a real-world environment. CompTIA certifications validate your skills and qualifications in the job roles and technologies that comprise the modern IT workforce. CompTIA certifications are recognized worldwide as a trusted indicator of qualified and competent professionals in the IT industry.

CompTIA offers a comprehensive certification program for IT professionals of all skill and experience levels, however it is best known for its entry-level and intermediate certificates. CompTIA's A+ and Network+ certifications are hiring requirements for a wide range of entry-level IT jobs, as well as prerequisites and electives in the advanced certification paths of leading technology vendors, such as Microsoft, Cisco and IBM.

CompTIA certifications are among the most trusted credentials in the IT industry because they accurately reflect employee success. CompTIA engages international focus groups and IT thought-leaders from around the world to define its certification programs and create CompTIA certification exams. CompTIA certification contributors come from the public and private sectors, academia and the government. CompTIA's vendor neutral certifications are recognized worldwide as a trusted indicator of competence in the IT field. Click Here to do a FAST search.

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