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Cloud computing is changing the face of corporate IT, and changing the workplace for the IT professional. Consider how cloud computing courses delivers incredible new services that you can put to work for your company by learning about them at IDT.

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Companies become more agile because they are able to grow or shrink computing resources as demand increases or decreases, paying only for the resources they actually use. Remote employees can easily access necessary applications via the Internet from any location, increasing both their efficiency and the ability to collaborate from their desk and on the go..

With custom applications, companies can turn their services into products that customers can access via the Internet. Cloud providers deliver the software via the internet, ensuring that the software comes to you installed with the latest patches and security installed every time you connect to the cloud. Companies no longer need to purchase, store and maintain expensive network equipment, reducing the resources (time and money) involved in maintaining, updating and repairing their own server hardware and software..

Creating an increased demand for cloud specialized consultants, developers, and architects to meet the growing markets immediate and specialized needs. It will also drive a switch in emphasis from support to innovation, as companies require new and better cloud-hosted applications to support their business needs. Developers, programmers and coders will be increasingly in demand, particularly in the area of mobile and handheld computing.

Cloud computing will require stringent security demands with a need for experts to ensure data stored on the Cloud is protected and meets industry-specific regulations. This includes the need for private Cloud creation, where companies build out their own private cloud network and offer it to their customers and employees.